Vilink Communications Inc. is entering a prolonged growth phase, driven by the increased demand for Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) and METRO for surveillance and security installations. In addition, the Company is expanding its program for the development of new communications equipment. Present openings include:

If interested, please forward resumes and other pertinent information to Vilink Communications Inc. Attention: Recruiting. Email


Sales Engineer/Manager with minimum of 5 years of experience in the CCTV / HD-IP / HDMI Video transmission markets, Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) markets, Telecommunications, SCADA and Metropolitan LAN markets or related fields. Current customers include major contractors and Departments of Transportation. Approximately 50% of the Company's sales are made to customers outside the United States.

Senior Hardware/Software Design and Application Engineers with a minimum of five years experienced in digital and VHDL applications and architecture. Telecommunications and/or Ethernet network experience is desired. Vilink’s fiber-optic products are designed with advanced optical transmitters and receivers, and incorporate CWDM lasers and Automatic Gain control (AGC) technologies.

Distributors throughout the United States and the World. The Distributors should have currently active business, providing product and service representation in the above product markets.

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